Yohoo Milk, Yohoo!

May 1, 2013
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Yoohoo Milk, Yohoo!
Are you sick of that same old taste of syrup or powder poured into your milk? “Yoohoo” is a classic beverage where the flavored milk is ready to be drunk. Just tear, straighten, poke, and lastly sip into the six point five fluid ounce container of dense rich milk. The catchy name can sometimes be confused with “Yahoo” but once you sip this there’s no confusion “Yoohoo” can be found at any grocery store, convenience store, and even gas stations.

This brand flavored milk, is a thirst quencher and leaves you craving more. This drink’s brand was created in the 1920’s by Nathan Olivieri due to him getting sick of working with the “Tru-fruit” products in the company his family ran in New Jersey. This beverage comes in different flavors such as; chocolate, strawberry, light chocolate and dark fudge. “Yoohoo” is known for its yellow labels, pink for strawberry, but name is written in blue underlined in red. The drink comes in six point five fluid ounce square cardboard boxes to fifteen and a half fluid ounce glass bottles. Don’t be fooled by the canned eleven point five fluid ounce milk, it’s not soda.
A beverage far better than soda, “Yoohoo” is sweet, rich, thick, and fills you up, after gulping one down, don’t be surprised if you desire another one within the same day. Depending on the amount and flavor come its perks. The six and a half ounce cardboard box contains 25% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium and vitamin D. The bottles, on the other hand, have only 70 calories and won approval from the American Heart Association. Besides these astonishing qualities of the flavored milks, “Yoohoo” carries a thoughtful characteristic through this 70 calorie bottle as it is intended for those who want something healthier or are on a diet. Yet, the drink still shares its tasteful milk to buyers. If you have no worries about the extra few calories and the normal chocolate milk isn’t enough for you the double fudge flavor will leave you with the taste of eating brownie mix. Besides the chocolate flavors, there’s also strawberry. This beverage offers a different taste compared to others due to it carrying a creamy fruity sensation. Although its strawberry flavored, it’s known to be “berrilious”. Do you want to discover the mystery to its label? Twist, turn, tug, and finally gulp down the fifteen and a half ounce drink and experience the pink sink.

This brand is no doubt an American product and has been a top contender for flavored milks the past eight decades. The deals for “Yoohoo” is applicable to society in today’s economy, as you can purchase a thirty two pack of the six point five fluid ounce cardboard boxes for $15.99. With “Nesquick” as its top competitor, “Nesquick” is located in more stores than “Yoohoo”, but this brand milk is known for better quality milk than the enemy, which is the far more important comparison. If “Yoohoo” isn’t your brand and you’re a “Nesquick” kind of person it’s time for you to Nesquit. At least give the beverage a try, you have four flavors to pick from. After your first sip and last gulp, it will make you want to say “Yoohoo!”

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