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May 1, 2013
By , Wilbraham, MA
A clear, bright screen, full of color catches your eye. The IPhone 4s is a modern cellular device that is full of opportunities. With a 4g network and great camera, your needs will be met. Memories will be caught in good quality with the camera and video option. From there you can easily send them to friends and family. This phone has more than quick texting and calls; you can download apps, music, and send emails. Browsing the internet is also a main attraction on this phone. Compared to the iPhone 4 this phone has a function called Siri. This allows you to press a button and send a message through your voice. In response to your message, question, or command Siri acts as an assistant and will find the answer or set alarms. This phenomenal phone is sold in most phone company stores, and at Apple stores. Alone, without an upgrade, the phone costs 99 dollars; not including the cost of the phone service plan chosen. Apple is the producer of this phone, and has created a life changing device.

This phone has a great layout with a front screen that can be locked. When unlocked the inside has four rows that can hold four apps each. On the very bottom of the screen is another row that keeps the same apps; even when you swipe over to the next screen. Standard apps come with the phone such as weather, clock, email, messaging, settings, music, and camera etc. A 5 mega-pixel camera provides images so real it is like you are there. The clock is a great way of setting alarms, timing things, and having a world clock in the grip of your hands. The weather app will keep you prepared for major storms, or just let you know when it’s warm and time to lay by the pool! The messaging is fast on this phone, and when communicating with other Apple users I message is available. This is a faster way of texting and a blue message bubble appears. You can also face time from this phone, which is basically a phone call where you can see the other person. This gives a virtual feeling like you are really there with whomever you face time. Music is also a possibility on this phone. You can find your favorite artists or songs and download them right from your phone, with an iTunes account. You also have the ability to download apps of your liking in the app store which is already provided on your phone. When you click on the app store app, you can browse games and tools that fit your lifestyle. Some of the apps are free, while others are priced and will be charged to your iTunes account. The one major addition to this device is the built in app called Siri. This is an advanced way to use your phone by talking to it, and it replies back. This specific role out did the previous iPhone and made the iPhone 4s one of a kind. Overall this product has endless reasons that make it so great, and the design is fabulous.

The phone itself can come in black or white. A smooth white box with the apple symbol holds the phone, and when you open it several things are present. The phone is in the package with guides and instructions. Earphones and the charger for the phone are also given with your purchase of the phone, and are in the case. The earphones are fairly durable but you can buy from other sellers that have more comfortable selections. A sleek glass texture makes up the phone. It’s a thin phone of a great size; not too big, not too small. The siding of the phone is a silver color, and has an area where you can plug in your ear phones. Also at the bottom of the phone are speaker that produce great sounds, and a plug in area for your charger. If the phone is dropped sometimes it will crack, which is why it is a great idea to buy a phone case. The varieties for the protective cases are endless and fit the appearances you desire. This allows you to customize your phone and makes it have character. The phone works with speed and is well created. I am very satisfied with my iPhone 4s because of how good it works, and everything it allows me to do.

The iPhone 4s was worth every penny to me. It has a great setup and fantastic display. Personally I use the apps Pandora and Snapchat a lot. Pandora is a music app that will play music you prefer. Snapchat is a funny app that allows you to send goofy pictures to your friends, and once they are opened and timed out they automatically delete. The look of the phone is sleek and sophisticated. Also it has functions that will meet your needs, and keep you happy. I previously had a Droid phone, and compared to the iPhone 4s it was terrible. The touch screen on the iPhone is so much better, and the overall details of the iPhone beat my last phone. Overall the iPhone 4s is a fabulous electronic product. To me the iPhone 4s deserves nine out of ten stars. I personally have had great experiences with this phone, and I highly recommend it.

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