Piccomolo's Italian Ice Cream

September 6, 2008
Today I decided to try a new ice cream place rather than the normal Baskin Robbins or Hagen-Daz and it was probably the best ice cream I've ever had. If you've never tried Piccomolo's ice cream, you have no idea what true ice cream tastes like. My mom, sister, and I went together and in total had seven scoops of ice cream and tried over ten flavors.

Piccomolo's ice cream comes in a variety of all natural flavors. From flavors of kiwi to watermelon to banana fudge, Piccomolo makes fresh batches of ice cream every morning. This is shown by the taste of all the fruit flavors like strawberry, mango, kiwi, coconut, and more! There are also unique flavors like hazelnut, banana fudge, and strawberries n' cream. What would an ice cream parlor be without the classics? Piccomolo also carries popular flavors including chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and mint chocolate. The flavors I am listing are only a small minority of the large selection Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream has; there are many more flavors to select!

Not only does the ice cream taste one of a kind, the staff are extremely patient too! Normal people would be annoyed with one family coming back to the counter over six times, but not Piccomolo's staff. They always serve with a smile and even allow you to collect all the different shades of spoons and cups when you ask. You feel so warmed in this friendly environment that you can't help but give a tip.

Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream has a modern pop theme. The bright orange and yellow walls give off an energy vibe. The artwork behind a glass case is simple, yet amazing in its own way. It's a heaven down to the very spoons they give you. The transparent pastel blues, pinks, orange, and greens make you want to collect them all. I certainly did. Now I use the spoons to eat ice cream even in my own home. I also collected their unique cups that range from green to blue to pink depending on the side of the ice cream.

Fellow ice cream lovers, now's your chance! Throw away all those buckets of Dreyer's you have stored in your freezer and go to Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream instead! It's the taste you'll fall in love with over and over again.

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