August 21, 2008
do you ever get tired of doing the usual thing everyday,sit on the bed whilst tiring shoelaces and listening to a breakfast show with a presenter who tells you traffic like your grandmother coughing.yet it is the little things that motivates us to aspire in life.

whether it's sexual,physical or mental,spiritual things ussually comes on top. woulnt you be surprised to wake up one sunday morning and find your mom looking like a nun? of course you would, that is if you are one of those guys like myself who can only translate sunday to jazz music. the last time i went to church i was surprised if the pastor was reading a bible or a finacial mail magazine.so my sundays afternoons are filled with lot of jazz music and waiting for my wife to dish out.seriously i hardly have any verse that rings a bellin my head and i'm not atheist.sometimes i think we men do have a huge ego and we cant capitalise it on bringing peace. i even doubt if all men around the globe have a common meaning of the word peace.come to think about Napoleon or Hitler or any man that ever knew the structures of war.such highest degree of honesty to clarify us on the spiritual things is needed.we need pastors with dignity and not those who sees jackpots when they see our heads below theirs.

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