June 24, 2008
By Ren Pasco, Tulsa, OK

Some people don't like Myspace. They say that it’s dangerous. It is dangerous if you don’t take two minutes to change your privacy settings to “friends only.” It is dangerous if you friend people you don’t know. But it’s not dangerous if you use your head. It can be as fun as…well as fun as Teen Ink’s website.

Myspace has many exciting and fun features. You can look up your friends, your favorite bands, or authors. You can change your layout and make it so you. There are many great features; I have just named a few. You should give Myspace a try before you say it’s dangerous, or that there’s nothing to be gained from it.

Myspace is a tool, and just like any tool when used correctly it is safe, fun, and useful!

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