Windows 8 From a Teen Nerd Perspective

January 25, 2013
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The date is December 27th, 2012. I’m sitting in a half-broken, solid black computer chair in front of a somewhat junky desk. My Alienware M11 Rx3 laptop is downloading Windows 8 for installation at a rate of 1.8 Mbps, due to my recently installed LinkSys router. Inside, I’m tingling. I’m eager to enjoy the new user interface and overall systematically efficient operating system. I was able to purchase and download Windows 8 for only $15.00 due to having been purchased a new computer in the last year. Prior to this, I had a Mountain Lion OSX Skin Pack installed. Desire to own a Macbook inspired that endeavor. When the download is complete, I hurriedly complete the first couple setup screens and instructions, applying an orange theme for my Start menu that would later be changed to red. Taking a glance at the new Metro themed Start screen, I notice a panel showing somewhat silly Facebook photos of mine at a set interval. Interesting, I think to myself. The panel was later removed, to save myself from future environment.
As for my initial impressions, in short: I love it. Windows 8 is very fluid and makes me feel as if my laptop is more stable. Although, I wish it wasn't so tailored towards touch screen devices. The gesture related functions are useless to me. I was already somewhat assimilated to the new features, as I owned the Windows 8 RTM Pre-Release demo in November and did a thorough review for my blog. I enjoy the availability of the charms that appear when you move your mouse to the top left corner. However, it gets pretty annoying when I’m scrolling down my Twitter feed and the sidebar appears.
I have yet to experience anything that really makes me say, This is SO much better than Windows 7. I expected something ground-breaking in terms of innovation. Really though, it’s Windows 7 with a nice face-lift. It was a well spent fifteen bucks I will say though. In retrospect, my experience would probably be better if I purchased the Pro version.
I’ve been around computers ever since I was a toddler. I’m almost 16 now, and I’ve encountered my fair share of operating systems. I’ve used Windows NT, XP, Vista, CE, and 7. In addition I’ve used Linux and Mac OS systems. Recently, I’ve began to develop Javascript apps and text-based games. I look forward to developing programs specifically for Windows 8 machines. Until then, I’ll see you on the web!

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