Microsoft Zune

December 11, 2007
By Skizzlink SCargenhymer, Middletown, NY

Mac's are better then PC but! don't be fooled byt the iPod. The iPod is terrable it is no comparison to the Microsoft Zune. The Zune is like the best mp3 player ever. The iPod does have few features that the Zune does not, but it not nearly as duriable. The internet connection from the iPod is a very nice feature but the Zune hit back with the 80G that hase wireless sync and wireless Zune to Zune connection allowing you to trade songs with your friends wirelessly. Also the Zune marketplace beats the heck out of iTunes. for a mere 14 dollars a month you can download as many songs as you want. Better then one dollar per song? I think so!

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