October 30, 2012
By Emily Stark BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Emily Stark BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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Math has always been one of my favorite subjects. In “Cosine” in the October issue of Teen Ink I enjoyed how I could relate to what Nicki said about her trigonometry homework. Just like Nicki, I urn for the satisfaction of finding x and simplifying an equation. It’s easy and I get it. But because of my success in math, I was placed in a high school math class while still in the 8th grade. At first all seemed to be going well, but then the fourth chapter came along and I fell apart. The whole class moved too fast. I felt like the only one not understanding what was going on. I knew if I asked for help I would slow down the rest of the fast-paced students like an anchor weighing down a bulleting boat. Teachers are supposed to notice struggling students, but my math teacher didn’t take the time to notice me because she was, in fact, the ship master of that bulleting boat. This year I am in pre-calculus and learning trigonometry as well. My homework is a 5,000-pieced puzzle, and I, as a matter of fact, don’t understand cosine.

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