Bring It On: The Broadway Play

October 13, 2012
By MariannaPasta GOLD, New York, New York
MariannaPasta GOLD, New York, New York
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Boom, light glitters in you eyes, shiny blonde hair sparkles in the spotlight, and the voice of Cambell (Taylor Louderman) fills your senses. You are glued to your seat as Bring it On, a hit Broadway show, brings the halls of Truman High to life.

In the beginning of Bring It On, we meet Cambell, a senior cheerleader with huge soulful eyes, on the eve of her senior year. She has everything: a perfect boyfriend, Steven (Neil Haskell), who adores her, and two supportive best friends, Sklyar (Kate Rockwell), and Kylar (Janet Krupin), to depend on. The only thing she needs is the title of captain of the cheer squad. She is praying to God in scene to be captain for her senior year.

Sadly, Cambells’ whole world is ripped apart when she is redistricted to a new school a few weeks before school begins. The only person she knows is Bridget (Ryan Redmond), a loser, by her standards. Cambell is thrust into the new attitude of the school with the memorable song “Do Your Own Thing.”

The cast of characters connected with the whole audience, but adolescents especially. The newcomers to this stage include Adrienne Warren, who plays Danielle, a snappy girl at Cambells’ new school who’s part of a local dance crew, along with Ryan Redmond, who plays Bridget. Even the leading lady, Cambell, a peppy cheerleader, played by Taylor Louderman, along with Elle McLemore, who plays the antagonist in this play. On a whole, the cast portrayed teenagers, even though most of them are much older. Behind the scenes, we have Andy Blankenbluehler as the direction and chorographer, while Lin-Manuel Miranda and Amanda Green, the lyricists, were responsible of the stunning songs.

This feel-good musical will have you jumping up and down until the very end.

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