The Success of the Dying

September 13, 2012
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The Success of the Dying
In the fiction article, “The Success of the Dying”, Roma Patel talks about a 20 year old soldier fighting in Afghanistan. In the beginning of the article, Lewis is fighting, and then he gets shot. He keeps blacking out and then waking up every few minutes. He's trying to stay awake as long as he can, but he is slowly dying. One of the times he blacks out, he has a flashback. He was talking to his dad and he tells him to join the army. So Lewis picks the army over collage. When he wakes up, the writer describes all the pain he is having and everything that's going on around him. But at the end, he blacks out for the very last time...The author puts great detail in the article, and made it very interesting. It was very well written and kept me interested the whole time.

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