Summer 2008 Fashion Forecast

June 9, 2008
By Emma Orndorff, Winchester, VA

Of course all fashion lovers are ready to get out of those bulky sweaters, corduroy pants, and big boots, but this summer’s hottest trends will surprise those of us who are planning wear bright, bold colors, with big prints.
This season, last years young, fun styles are being replaced with more sophisticated lady-like pieces, such as pencil skirts and ruffled blouses.
Elegant bows, neutral colors, and looser fitting clothes are more of what you will be seeing in stores, which will be giving women a more professional, polished look.
Once again this year, sun dresses in fun florals, and animal prints are dominating the runway, and are a perfect way to put a flirty flare on any summer day.
Sheer, silk dresses will make you feel light as air, and are perfect for a hot summer wedding, or brunch.
Go for dresses in light purples, and lilacs that will give any woman a feminine, romantic feel.
As far as footwear goes, wedges and peep toe pumps are great for special occasions, but for day to day, gladiator boots (strappy Roman-like sandals) are leading the way, and you may be shocked by their comfort and practicality.
For shoes to match any outfit, try gladiators that go just around your ankle, but to make more of a statement, go for the gladiator boots that go all the way up your calf.
With all the pale, pastel colors that are included in women’s wear this season, try spicing things up with a vibrant bag, in a bright blue or red.
Also, if you are feeling like your outfit just doesn’t stand out enough, accessorize!
Don’t be afraid to try big bangles, fun headbands, or a metallic clutch, but remember; less is more!

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