Sally Hansen Salon Effect Review

May 11, 2012
By tcossey BRONZE, Houston, Texas
tcossey BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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As years pass, nail art is slowly but surely conquering the cosmetology world. With over a thousand a nail polish brands and well over 2 million shades of nail polish colors, the once time consuming task has now metamorphosed into a simple no mess task.
As technology makes new advances in today’s world, so does nail polish. Americans are now living in a fast paced world and everyone is always on the go. The once favorite pastime of customizing your nails has now become time consuming. A teenage girl rarely has time to actually sit down and receive a proper manicure. The company Sally Hansen noticed the change in lifestyles and decided to make advances within the cosmetology world.
Hansen recently released a new product, Sally Hansen Salon Effects, the effects are strips of adhesive with the Sally Hansen nail polish on them. The strips come in many different styles and colors, including the typical colors as well as bright glitters. Each pack of the effects includes 16 strips varying in size and shape, a cuticle stick and a mini buffer, to make the strips look as professional as possible.
Applying the Hansen strips is just a simple task. Easily just select the appropriate size of each nail that would be the most similar to your nail. Next remove the protective film, peel off the adhesive and simply press the strip onto your nail, and file off the excess strip. Each strip is guaranteed to last up to 10 days.
Sally Hanson Salon Effects are sold wherever nail polish is sold. What I like about the Sally Hansen effects is the affordable price. The price ranges anywhere between 6-8 dollars. The price is very reasonable considering the fact that the Salon effects actually, look like you have walked out of a high end salon. This new product may just slow down the production of actual nail polish.

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