Halo 3

March 14, 2008
By Paul Cossaboon, Millville, NJ

Halo, a hit. Halo 2, bigger and better. Halo 3, best one yet! Go through each individual level at your own pace, dodging death and all of the damage possible. Battle grunts, brutes, and scarabs with all of your might, and take them down one by one. Play online against people all over the world. Using Xbox Live. And most of all, your #1 goal, finish the fight!

September 25, 2007, 6:30 AM. People are lined up 50 deep in front of every store known to man that has Halo 3 in stock. People are bundled up in their small sleeping bags, while trying to keep warm outside of their local video game store. Most of these die-hard gamers have been here since around midnight. All of the stores’ employees try to sneak around to unlock the doors, then, sprint quickly as possible to avoid being stampeded by the eager mob of gamers. Halo 3 was not up for grabs, where ever it wasn’t out of stock anyway.

Get home, power on Xbox 360, insert game, let the madness begin! From the title screen, you have the options of: Campaign, go through story mode as the famous master chief and finish the fight. Custom Games, challenge someone with you at a local Xbox 360 and see who can slaughter who. Matchmaking, using Xbox Live, play against people all over the world. Play big team battles, team doubles, and tons of other challenges. Forge, Go to individual stages on multi-player, choose where everything goes, including the weapons and all of the re-spawn points.

Select campaign and let the madness begin. Arrival, the first level. You see a small storyline that involves Master Chief jumping from a Pelican and landing right next to
Sgt. Johnson, who is on his way to slaughter some grunts. Sierra 117, Crows Nest, Tvaso Highway, and Cortana, are just some of the levels that are on their way to you. At the end of the final mission, Halo, there is a special trilogy end movie. I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you for those of you who haven't bought it yet. But, let’s just say that there is a special story at the end for the warriors who finish the game on Legendary, the games hardest difficulty.

But, unfortunately, Halo 3 did have a few flaws. Some things I would suggest to be revised would be, to have better weapons when you die and get restarted from you last checkpoint. Another thing would be to maybe release Halo 3 for PS2 and maybe Gamecube for the people who cant afford an Xbox 360. Finally, my last complaint, I would like for this game to have more hidden weapons. If im fighting a big enemy, with only a handgun, I need a bigger and better weapon.

In conclusion, this game was a success. I'm not really sure but this game must have made at least $1 billion in price sales. And not only that, it has supplied entertainment to all of us die-hard gamers. So what I'm really trying to say is, to Bungie, and to Microsoft, Thank you.

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