Call of Duty 4

March 14, 2008
By Marco Grotti, Port Elizabeth, NJ

‘Pop, pop!!’ ‘Bang... SWOOSSHH!! KA-BOOM!!’ Those and many other magnificent noises will be coming from your TV speakers as you play Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox360. Call Of Duty 4, Modern Warfare is the 4th game of the four that are out now. When I first time I played this game my jaw dropped to the floor. I was over whelmed by the great picture quality, the realistic camera views, the real-life-war situations, and the realistic sound effects. ‘This game is awesome,’ I thought to myself. But then I remembered to play it on Xbox Live. The best part of this game is the online play. You can communicate with your comrades. You can also change what gun and equipment you wanted and the way you wanted to dominate the other team. But there is a few things bad with the game is that you can’t play more than one person on live during the same time on the same TV. Another is that you will get addicted to the game and before you no it you’ll be in night school.

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