Dean Guitars

March 14, 2008
By Clayton Milligan, Leesburg, NJ

“Christmas morning!” I yelled as I ran downstairs. I grabbed the one that I knew was my guitar. Ripped it open and boom the Dean Z-X guitar! The black gloss shined as I unwrapped it.

The Dean Z-X guitar is very affordable and sounds great. The famous V head stock is on almost all of the guitars. I was influenced to buy this guitar because of the price and looks. I really picked this guitar because the explorer body. I love the shape of it. I know I wouldn’t be able to afford a Gibson Explorer. I got it because it was pretty cheap (200$) and had great reviews. Plus it’s a Dean guitar on of my idols, Dimebag Darrel, the guitarist of Pantera and Damage Plan.

The goals Dean Zilensky was to make rock guitars. They were to entertain, make music, at affordable prices, and make good looking guitars. Dean Zilensky definitely made his achievement with the help of Dimebag Darrel Dean was able to make Dimebags signature guitar, the Dean Razorback, some other guitars were influenced by the Razorbacks and made Razorback V’s. Dean Zilensky made the Dean Z-X guitar very affordable and great for the price. The Zebra Pickups in it are amazing...while they last. I had a problem with my bridge pickup dying on me. The neck humbucker is very great its almost like the bridge pickup. This guitar came with Grover tuner keys, a 60 dollar tuner keys.

If your looking for a nice cheap good guitar, look no further the Dean Z-X is your one and only. Any Dean guitar would work, they sell guitars cheap or expensive but this one is definitely worth it.

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