Halo 3

March 14, 2008
By Shawn Riggins, Leesburg, NJ

"Killing Spree!", the TV shouted. I lauguhed in triumph as I mowed my oppenets down in an almost flawless performence.

If you havent guessed yet, this action-packed game is Halo 3. The Halo trilogy started November 15, 2000 with Halo: Combat Evolved, and took off right away. The game was a huge success. This single game was the launch to Xbox Live. After this, Bungie and Microsoft teamed up for the Next game in the trilogy, Halo 2, which was released November 9,2004. This game took them four long hard years. This game was a gigantic success for both companies. Finally, we get to Halo 3, the biggest accomplishment for the Bungie company.

Right off the bat, bungie has installed new features that will make you as happy as a leech finding its next victim. Some of the new features in Halo 3 is the forge mode, which is insane ! You can delete every single peice of equiptment in the game and rearrange it to fit your needs and style of game-play. Other cool features Bungie threw in was the Equiptment. In previous game bungie didnt have use for the X button , but now it deploys equiptment. Master Cheif, the main character can deploy a Bubble Shield,Trip Mine, The power drainer,portable gravitiy lift, and a energy returner.

Halo 3's caimpaign was the thing that made it a 9 out of a 10 in my book and every other rating out there. The thing that bothered my the most was that you did a lot of backtracking, and there wasn't a lot of level differences. They shoulda spiced it up with other things.
The last thing that kept it from being a perfect ten, was The Orbiter. He couldnt be killed and he was very annoying, always getting in the way, and getting the sweet action.
Finally, If i would have to recommend a video game for the Xbox 360, It would be Halo 3. If anybody wants to play on XBL, my gamertag is SpartanxLord713. Happy Hunting !

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