March 14, 2008
By Kenny Whildin, Port Elizabeth, NJ

Whether you like it or not, someone has to hunt. Many city people want guns to be banned completely. Hunting gives many people food so they don’t have to buy it. Those people only know about sawed off shotguns and pistols. Most people don’t know about muzzleloaders.

Muzzleloader hunting is good because you have to be accurate because you only have one shot. You have to make sure there are no branches in the way because if there is it can throw the trajectory of the bullet off, so it goes somewhere else. There are a few different types of muzzleloaders: there are flintlocks, inline, and side lock.

Flintlocks use flint to ignite the powder to make the bullet go. You put the flint on the little platform under the hammer. When the hammer goes down it ignites the flint and it sends the spark to the powder, and when it ignites, the bullet goes out of the barrel.

Inline are muzzleloaders that the primer, the powder, and the bullet are inline. The primer goes into a little hole behind a hammer. When the hammer hits the primer, it ignites the powder and sends the bullet out of the barrel.

Side lock muzzleloaders are kind of like the flint locks except it use a cap. You put the cap on the little point and when the hammer comes down it ignites the powder and the bullet goes out of the barrel.

You load them all through the barrel. You put the powder in then the bullet, then you put the primer, cap, or the flint on then when you pull the trigger it goes boom and there is a lot of smoke, and it is unloaded. Muzzleloaders are great for long distances because the amount of powder you can put in it varies. You can put anywhere from fifty to a hundred-and fifty grains of powder in them. You can put a scope on the inline muzzleloaders, but not the rest.

You can use many types of bullets such as musket balls, sabots, and power belts. Now, most people prefer power belts of sabots because they expand better. Sabots and Power belts are close to the same thing except on the sabots the plastic just sticks on to it, and the power belts the plastic is attached. The more powder you use the farther it will go, and the more recoil there will be.

The newer the gun the more accurate it is, for example flint locks can kill a deer but they are not as accurate. The newer guns, you can put a scope on to shoot farther and hunt longer with less light. The scopes draw more light so you can see when it is darker.

I use Power belts’ 245 grain copper jacket bullet, with my Thompson Center Omega Z5, with a Nikon Prostaff scope, and 777 powder. I usually kill deer 25 yards and in, and they usually go that far.
The positive things about muzzleloaders are that you can shoot later, you have to be accurate. You can shoot longer distances, you can select the amount of powder to use, and that’s about it.
The negatives are that you only get one shot, and that’s about it.

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