Famous Dave's

December 3, 2007
By Rachel Remund, Elkton, SD

Having a rack attack? Grab a slab! Are you craving some delicious, home style bar-b-que food? Well, hop in your car and drive to Famous Dave's. It will satisfy your every craving with its legendary pit bar-b-que, sweet cornbread, and sugary, sweet drunkin' apples. The best part is you can take-a-seat, grab-a-load and hit-the-road at one of the fast, to-go counters, or have an event bar-b-que catered anytime, anyplace.

Famous Dave's has a home style, friendly atmosphere. The picnic decorations, gas pump stop, plunger-style bathrooms, and barn animals make you feel right at home on the farm. Smelling the spicy, delicious ribs will make your mouth water while you wait for your food. Workers are friendly and the service is quick. You'll never run out of drinks and there are plenty of paper towels to keep things clean as you eat.

If you ever eat at Famous Dave's, try the bar-b-que that has won over 300 awards for the Famous Dave's legendary Pit-smoked bar-b-que rib joints across the country. I would recommend trying the 1st Place St. Louis Style Ribs platter, which includes a warm cornbread muffin, corn-on-the-cob, and your choice of two sides. Sides include potato salad, creamy coleslaw, wilbur beans, drunkin' apples, famous fries, firecracker green beans, and garlic red-skin mashed potatoes. My favorite side dishes are the crispy, famous fries and garlic red-skin mashed potatoes that will make your heart sing. There is something for everyone and the spice is just right!

Looking for a feast for two or a family? Try the All-American BBQ Feast. The BBQ Feast serves four to five people and comes with a mouth-watering full slab of spareribs, a whole chicken, ½ pound of either Texas beef brisket or Georgia chopped pork, coleslaw, famous fries, wilbur beans, four cornbread muffins, and four corn-on-the-cob. The Feast for two is a half portion of the All-American BBQ Feast for those romantic dinners. If you can't make it in to Famous Dave's to eat, try the family- style-to-go meals, where there is food available by the pound, slab, pint and quart.

Famous Dave's is even a great place for kids! Lil' Wilbur meals are available for children 10 and under which includes a choice of one side or carrots and celery, Oreo cookies, and a drink. Your children will love the country roasted or bar-b-que chicken, rib dinner, macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, Georgia chopped pork sandwich, or burger.

Famous Dave's will make your get-togethers famous! The legendary pit bar-b-que is perfect for any event you've got cookin'. Plates of lip-smackin' bar-b-que can be brought to all occasions, including wedding, church picnics, parties, banquets, class reunions, family reunions, business lunches, graduation parties, holiday events, large corporate functions, neighborhood events, and more. There is no order too big or small. Events have been serviced for groups of 6 to 16,000.

I would recommend Famous Dave's for anyone who loves a good home-cooked meal. The food is delicious, the service is wonderful and speedy, and the prices are fair. After eating one of Famous Dave's meals, you will never go hungry again! After all, they wouldn't call them famous if they're just pretty good!

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amarr said...
on May. 6 2014 at 11:56 pm
amarr, Scottsdale, Arizona
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
                                                            Famous Dave’s Smoked pork and ribs, BBQ meat and chicken, honey buttered corn bread, and drinks in a jar are some of the delicious and mouth watering things on the menu that you will find if you go to eat at Famous Dave’s!!  Although there are several Famous Dave’s locations around the valley, I enjoy going to the one that is located at Mesa Riverview.  I feel it is one of the best BBQ places to eat in Arizona!  The restaurant is in a great location, easy in and out access to the 202 Highway.  This place is huge with plenty of room to accommodate loads of people and they are very "kid friendly".  The bar is a very nice area to eat, drink, and even catch a ball game and has plenty of room and seating.  They always have the best sports games on TV and all ages are allowed to sit in the bar room, but only twenty-one years and older can sit at the actual bar.  This place has the best-smoked ribs and pork I have ever had, which go along great with my personal favorite honey flavored corn bread.  They Barbeque the food fresh for every order and use their secret sauces to make the food that much better.  The atmosphere is very laid back with funny jokes of pigs becoming the next meal hung up on the walls.  One of my personal favorite jokes is little Wilbur meal from little Wilbur menu.  The restaurant’s atmosphere gives off a very southern picnic feel to it.  There are checkered place mats and has wood looking ceilings and walls with a wood bear at the front door ready to greet you.  The servers are very nice as they let you try every sauce, and draw a picture of a pig with the different sauces.  The service is better than what you would expect from a chain restaurant.  They are very quick to take your order and attentive to your drink needs.  They also wear jeans and t-shirt giving it that southern picnic feels to go along with the corresponding taste.  Famous Dave’s is ready to serve a big family with their dinner and lunch platters that come with a little of everything on the menu.  Every time I go to Famous Dave’s we order the platter, which feeds my family of four with an abundance of left over’s for the week. After every visit you can expect a pound of chicken, pork, ribs, a ton of fries, and a full serving of beans alone because of the amount of food they serve here.  If you do not feel like sharing you can always order your choice of chicken, pork, or their famous ribs.  The ribs are to die for; they also like to show them off by telling you all the awards they win for the ribs.  Let me say that the ribs are seriously meaty!  They are big boned with about an inch or two of meat around.  The Barbeque sauces they offer are tasty, rich, and the variety allow for a different experience every time you try a new one. Their coleslaw is extremely creamy and taste good, so I am told because I personally do not enjoy coleslaw.  My family and I have been going to Famous Dave’s for as long as I can remember.  It almost has become a somewhat tradition.  Whenever there are special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers day, Fathers day, graduations, and even post religious gatherings you can bet we will be celebrating at Famous Dave’s. We choose this place not only for its awesome food but also because I have a large family and the restaurant has more than enough room to accommodate all of us comfortably.  I would highly recommend Famous Dave’s to anyone that is new to the valley and also to residence that have lived here their whole lives and have not visited the restaurant.  When family relatives come to town they really enjoy going to Famous Dave’s.  If I was asked to say one thing I do not like about Famous Dave’s the only thing that may come to mind would be that the wait can be extremely long depending on the day and time you get there.  For instance if you go on a holiday weekend the wait may be longer than you may expect.  If the wait at Famous Dave’s is too long and you are still craving great BBQ than I would suggest you should go to Logan’s up the street because your are bound love the BBQ with great sauces to choose from there as well.  I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who would like some good BBQ in the valley with a fun atmosphere and quality food.              

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