November 23, 2007
Have you ever not been trusted online? Have you had your privileges taken away from you for abusing your access, responsibility, and freedom on the computer?
Well, now there are two of us.
I know exactly what it feels like to have your access to the computer and the internet taken away. The hours you spend online chatting it up with your friends and scrolling through itunes are washed down the drain.

You need to be safe online. No joke. Websites through which you can meet strangers are absolutely DANGEROUS and absolutely a big NO-NO, along with chat rooms, myspace, tagged, etc.

But what about your friends? Are you thinking that there’s no other way to converse with your friends? WRONG. There is a way, such a website! Have you ever been to Facebook.com? I’d say, this is my absolute FAVORITE website of them all. You can connect with friends online and share notes, photos, music, games, quizzes, books, messages, and practically anything you can think of! Along with that, you’ll probably also be able to find your favorite authors and music artists! Yep, they may have facebooks too! But the best thing about this website is that it’s SAFE. You CANNOT see anybody’s profile and/or information without adding them as a friend. Also, you have to belong to a network (such as your district, your school, city, etc) to even be able to look through anything. Then you can chat all you like! FACEBOOK IS NOT A DATING SERVICE NOR IS IT ANOTHER MYSPACE. Keep it safe, people. Keep it safe. You’re talking about the site I love.

Just have your parents check it out to see if it’s safe, and then BAM! Make your facebook and get ALL your friends to join too! It’s loads of fun!

And you want to know a secret?
It is WAY better than myspace and tagged.

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