Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Alicia Fadley, Wilmore, KY

At 7:30, after dinner, with your stomach full, you are looking for something to do, so you click on your T.V. and watch Two and a Half Men. You can watch it Mondays through Fridays at 7:30 on Fox. Divorced Alan and his son, Jake, are living at Charlie’s house, Alan brother, while working out their weird but common lives as a family of three. Two and a half Men is a great show because of the wonderful plot, hilarious characters, and writing that is to die for.
The first reason for loving this show is the plot. As I said before Alan and his son, Jake, are living with Alan’s brother, Charlie, in his home in California because his wife divorced him. In one episode, Jake has to spend the night at his grandmother’s. His grandmother is a high class woman who doesn’t like children. While he is there it is funny to see all of his reactions to the food she tries to feed him. When he tries the sushi and spits it all over her carpet. You will laugh your head off.
Second, you should watch this show because of the wonderful characters. You have Charlie, a good looking bachelor who goes from one girl to the next. You have divorced Alan, who is quite and kind and his son, Jake, who is loud and spoiled. The characters are just wonderful together and they have great chemistry. It was funny when Jake found out he had to stay with his grandmother. He started to ask for a lot of expensive items like and i-pod. At first Alan said no, but in the end he caved in because it was the only way to get Jake to go. It looked just like a real father and son moment.
The third reason to watch this show is because of the writing. Like when Charlie and Alan are at a bar and they are hanging out with the volleyball team. Alan can’t decide which one he likes best. Charlie responses with “only one,” “Two” Alan says shocked, “No I was thinking like nine,” says Charlie. The writing for this part is great. Another scene that was good was, was when Jake would not eat anything that his grandmother has. At one point she asks if he wants squab. When she comes into the living room with spaghetti, a food she has finally found that he likes, Jake jumps out from behind the couch and screams, “squab!” She throws the spaghetti allover her expensive furniture. The writing for this show is just hilarious. The acting in this show brings out the writing even more. The characters are so much fun to watch because they have problems just like us. Also the acting is so believable because the actors really seem to get into there characters. The writing and acting keeps you wanting to come back for more.
In conclusion Two and a Half Men is wonderful, it has an original storyline, to die for characters, and writing that keeps you on your toes. So go home, turn on your T.V. at 7:30 on Fox, and watch Two and a Half Men. You will love it.

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