Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Tori Bowman, Wilmore, KY

Ever thought you had a big secret to keep? Imagine hiding the fact that your alter-ego is one of the biggest pop stars from your fellow classmates. That’s exactly what Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana) has to do every day in her awesome sitcom entitled Hannah Montana (weekdays @ 7:00pm on Disney). Hannah Montana is defiantly worth checking out because of its very original storyline, hilarious characters, and excellent writers.

The storyline is new, consisting of Miley, a seemingly normal teenager, who has a very big secret. She constantly has to hide from her classmates the fact that she is Hannah Montana because she thinks that they will treat her differently if they knew. The only people that do know are her family and her two closest friends, Lily and Oliver. Such an unusual secret leads to many unusual situations, such as in a resent episode, Miley lets Lily record one of Hannah’s songs for her mother. As it turned out, Lily could not sing at all, so Miley, thinking it a kind deed, remixed it without telling Lily and made it sound much better. This eventually leads to a conflict when Lily challenges a school bully with a great voice to a karaoke-off.

A few of the characters on the show include Jackson, Miley’s older brother, and Rico, a young kid that happens to be Jackson’s boss. Rico is constantly ordering Jackson to do silly, pointless tasks like replace all of the sand in front of Rico’s shore shack with Caribbean sand, and makes threats like, “an easily replicable employee” to get Jackson to do them. Jackson usually reacts in a childish manner and often pulls pranks to get back at him. These two act like comic relief for the more serious parts of the show.

Finally, a big cheer to the writers who do a spectacular job of creating comical dialogue for the characters, while slipping in an occasional life lesson. In one episode, Jackson is trying to dump an eco-friendly girl without hurting her feelings. He has to pretend that he is a littering snob and tells her “so my grandkids will never get to see a polar bear big woop, I never got to see a dinosaur and you don’t see me crying”. Later on in the same episode Miley, learns that the truth is always better than lying when an attempt to hide the fact that Lily really can’t sing ends up making Lily the laughing stock of the school.

To wrap it all up, Hannah Montana is a great sitcom because of its new, creative storyline and hilarious characters. Also, the writers really know what they are doing. All of these make for an excellent sit com that you’ve just got to see.

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on Mar. 22 2009 at 1:37 pm
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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This is such an awesome reiview. I love it so much and I enjoy wathching the show. IT is like the best! She is my favorite singer too. I like how you started off with the review. It was a great opening.


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