That 70's Show

November 20, 2007
By Tyler Willett, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to witness an age for your self? Well That 70’s Show takes you every day at 6:30 p.m. to Point Place, Wisconsin where six high schoolers live and have fun. The best time for a student to catch it would be after school on the CW network. That 70’s Show will let the 70’s live on with all of the funny people, hilarious situations, and wonderful acting that make the characters feel like real people.
Two of the best characters would be Eric Forman and his father Red. Now Red is not your typical father. Yes he is encouraging, but only through his insulting threats. One of his funniest phrases would be “How would you like my foot up your a**” He is very clever and is always slipping it into a sentence. Eric’s character is the result of the combinations of his mother babying him, Star Wars and Red always calling him a “dumb a**”. As a result we end up with a wimpy insecure nerd. In one show Eric goes on a road trip by him self and he takes a video camera. On the camera he proclaims that he wasn’t afraid of any thing, but as soon as he lost control of his car he lost his false courage and screamed like a little girl. The worse part is that he is not even out of his home town and he’s already crying for his mommy. Did I mention that he is 18? What a wimp!
The plot is also great and gives twists that leave you wondering how they could have gotten them self’s into such a mess. Like when Eric goes to a Packers football game his seats are right in the middle of the Packers fans and he buys a Bears jersey. Therefore the whole show deals with the ridicule he gets. Like boo’s from the fans plus both his girl friend and dad disclaim him. At the end of the game the Bears lose and one of the fans call him a cue ball. Eric fights the guy and Red shouts “Eric’s in a fight! No ones going to believe me”.
The acting is what makes the characters so believable. Take Leo for example, he pulls off the hippie part very well. Like when Eric asks him how he found the truck stop they were at and Leo responds “I woke up in the parking lot once”. He says it in such a tone that I actually believed that he was high, which was the desired affect. Leo also works well with Eric. Like when Eric was wandering the road Leo comes out of the woods. Eric was really happy to see him and Leos all like “yah man great to see you too. Do I know you?” Another moment between Eric and Leo is at the truck where Eric has no more money and has not paid for their food yet. At this time Leo had spilt food on himself and when Eric discovered his empty wallet he asks “What are we going to do” Leo replied “No worries I will get some club soda and it’ll bring this stain right out”.
That 70s Show is the best sitcom there is between the original conflicts, great characters, and skilful performing from the actors. The next time you turn on a TV tune into the show. You will not be disappointed with the show that is all about having fun and breaking rules.

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