According to Jim

November 20, 2007

Don’t waste your time flipping through an endless amount of channels. Turn your television over to ABC at 7:30 pm on weekdays. There you will find an awesome sitcom about a man who gets in trouble with his wife and uses his friend to get out of trouble. They encounter all types of problems from canceled health insurance to coaching his daughter’s basketball team. “According to Jim” is the best sitcom on the air because it has hilarious writing, unique characters, and an interesting plot.

One part of “According to Jim” that makes it what it is is the writing. Every episode is full of funny jokes and crazy situations. In one episode Jim’s friend goes to another country and gets stuck while helping a celebrity. The rest of the group makes it out of the country when it breaks out in a civil war. Jim’s friend gets stuck and they learn about it on T.V. Jim and his friends wife argue about who’s fault it is that he is there. In another episode Jim is at home with his sister-in-law when she goes into labor. Jim is afraid and doesn’t know what to do. He takes her to the hospital and tries to leave the room but a guy is being operated on in the hallway, forcing him to stay. There are tons of hilarious jokes. They are always making fun about how Jim and Andy are in bad shape. Jim makes everybody run, even fans when he takes over his daughter’s basketball team.

The two main characters in the show are Jim and his friend, Andy. They are two old, out of shape men that are always together. Jim is calm and cool under pressure, and he never shows his wife that he is worrying. He does a great job of acting, his facial expressions and tone is perfect. Andy compliments Jim’s character. He is always worrying. He never knows what to do. He follows Jim and does what ever Jim tells him to. In the episode where Jim coaches his daughter’s basketball team when Jim tells the girls to run Andy makes them.

In one episode Jim cancels his health insurance. He becomes paranoid and gets it reinstated. There was a five day waiting period. During this time his wife got sick. Then he got sick. He bought fish medicine for them. He has an allergic reaction to it. When the insurance lady sees him she laughs at him and re-instates it.

That is why “According to Jim” is the best sitcom. It has great writing, unique and funny characters, and a wonderful plot. You should dedicate Monday – Friday to watch this show. There is no excuse not to.

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