Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Christa Curry, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever wanted to be famous? Well and average girl from Malibu, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), puts on a wig and becomes the famous pop sensation, Hannah Montana. Keep it on the down low because it’s a secret! The only people who know about Miley’s secret double life is her family back in Tennessee, her dad, Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus), her brother, Jackson (Jason Earles), her best friend, Lilly (Emily Osment), and her other best friend, Oliver (Mitchel Musso). This Disney Channel show comes on everyday at 7pm. Hannah Montana is a good and unique show because of its interesting plot, good acting, and its great writing.

For all of those who know the other generic plots of Disney Channel sitcoms, Hannah Montana’s is a plot no one has ever tried before. No other shows that I know of have a plot about a teenage girl who lives a secret double life being a pop star. The episodes are about both of her lives, being a regular girl and being Hannah Montana. In the episode “Take this Job and Love it,” Hannah Montana tries to finds a new bodyguard after her old one, Roxy (Frances Callier), quit. In “Sleepwalk This Way,” Robbie tries to write Miley a new Hannah Montana song but she doesn’t like it. In the episode “You’re Sue-Able to me,” it is mostly about Miley’s personal life instead on Hannah Montana’s. In that episode, Miley tries to help her friend, Lilly, cope with a boyfriend who stood her up. Miley tries to keep her secret from her peers in the other episodes. In the pilot episode, “Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?” she tries to keep her secret from her best friend and debates on telling her. In “Achy Jakey Heart”, she keeps her secret from her celebrity boyfriend, Jake Ryan (Cody Linley). There are also little conflicts going on at the same time involving Jackson and Robbie Ray. In “Get Down Study-udy-udy,” Jackson pet sits his friend, Thor’s (Andrew Caldwell), parrot. In “I want you to want me…to go to Florida,” Robbie Ray breaks his back and prevents Miley from going to Florida by herself. Overall, this show provides entertaining plots that keeps viewers watching.

For Miley Cyrus’s first main role, her acting is five star worthy. She acts very realistically dealing with the issues on the show. In the episode “Good Golly, Miss Dolly,” when Miley discovered her crush, Jake (Linley), had a girlfriend, she began picking the pedals off a flower saying “He loves me, he loves me not,” just like a real teenage girl would do if her heart was broken. In that same episode, Miley runs into her school acting panicky. Then she sees Jake, she acts very calm and says “Hey Jake,” then runs by him acting all panicky again. Changing emotion very quickly is one of Cyrus’s strong points. Her character and Billy Ray’s character play father and daughter on the show and definitely play off each other well. Their real life father and daughter relationship adds to the realism of the acting on the show. Jackson is also a very good actor. When Miley and Jackson interact with each other on the show, they seem like they really are brother and sister in real life. Miley makes fun on Jackson because of his silly mistakes. Jackson snaps at Miley for acting like Miss Perfect and Daddy’s Little Girl. Their chemistry adds to this hilarious sitcom.

The writers of Hannah Montana are some of the best writers on Disney Channel. They put jokes in the most unexpected scenes. In “Get Down Study-udy-udy,” Robbie gets a letter from the school about the kids’ grades. Jackson tries to suck up to his dad by saying, “Doesn’t your hair look great today?” I totally cracked up when he said that because I didn’t suspect it at all. Also some of the jokes happen when Miley’s friends trying to imitate her hillbilly dad. In the same episode, Lilly tries to guess what Robbie Ray says about Hannah Montana’s European tour and Miley’s grades. Lilly says, “Bud you’re not going and something about your Uncle Earl’s feet.” The writers also write nice themes for the show. In the episode “Sleepwalk this Way,” the theme is to not lie or it will come back and haunt you. In Miley’s case, it made her sleepwalk. I hope the writers of Hannah Montana will stay the same and keep writing funny jokes to make your audiences laugh for years to come.

With a unique plot, high grade acting, and humorous writing makes Hannah Montana a show that is well worth your time. A recommendation for the people of Disney Channel, keep renewing the show as long as your audience is wanting more. If you don’t renew it, Disney Channel will loose a lot of viewers. As for you, the next chance you get watch Hannah Montana and you will be addicted!

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