8 Simple Rules

November 20, 2007
By Sarah Quah, Wilmore, KY

Ever been embarrassed by your parents before? Well Bridget, Keri, and Rory from the hilarious sitcom “8 Simple Rules” (Mondays to Fridays, 6 P.M., ABC Family) know how you feel. As the kids of Cate and Paul Hennessy, the three teenagers are constantly put in embarrassing situations involving their parents. All three kids want their own freedom but Cate and Paul are the overprotective parents who think that their children are still too young. Whether Bridget, Keri and Rory are in their house, in school or just outside with friends, their parents always manage to find a way to humiliate them. “8 Simple Rules” is the best sitcom on the air because of their talented actors, a plot that most people can relate to, and jokes that will keep you laughing non-stop.

A sitcom would be nothing without a wonderful cast and a wonderful cast is exactly what “8 Simple Rules” has. Katey Sagal, who plays the mother, is no stranger to the acting business and that can be seen while watching the show. Playing the role of an overprotective mother so perfectly, it makes you wonder if she is one in real life. In one episode, she sees her son, Rory, talking to an older, attractive lady and says, “Tell me this is one of your teachers.” This shows that she is protective of her son and doesn’t want him dating older women. Bridget is the oldest daughter of Paul and Cate and is played by Kaley Cuoco. Bridget is the popular and pretty blonde who can be a bit ditzy sometimes. While Kaley may not be as experienced, she makes up for it with her natural talent. She is able to portray her character in such a way that it is almost as though they are one person. With John Ritter playing the father, and Amy Davidson and Martin Spanjers playing the other two children, who could ask for a better cast?

Other than having a miraculous cast, “8 Simple rules” also has a plot like no other. While other sitcoms may have interesting and funny plots, “8 Simple Rules” has a plot that is not only interesting and funny but realistic at the same time. “8 Simple Rules” generally revolves around the lives of the Hennessy family and the different problems that arise in each episode. However, the problems that they experience are real-life issues that people experience and therefore can relate to. For example, in one episode the plot was centered around prom, a real-life event. Bridget wanted permission to throw an after-prom party but Cate refused. This angered Bridget because she felt as though her own mother didn’t trust her. That real-life situation is one that many teenagers have gone through and can relate to. Also in the last season, there is an episode where the father, Paul Hennessy, dies while getting milk from a grocery store. The family was devastated from hearing the news and each blamed themselves for Paul’s death. This is another real-life problem that happens to families. This realistic quality makes people want to tune in every week because they want to see what other problems this family goes through.

Lastly, a sitcom wouldn’t be a sitcom without any comedy. The writers of this show are nothing short of geniuses as they manage to come up with outrageously hilarious dialogues that are still appropriate to the characters. In one episode, Bridget is seen saying to her friend in school, “Well we better get going if we want to skip Math.” Not only is it a humorous statement, but it also suits Bridget’s character as she’s the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy school.

“8 Simple Rules” is a sitcom that you just have to see. Though there may be inappropriate jokes at some times, overall, there is always an important theme that we can all benefit from. The theme in one episode was to trust and to listen. Bridget felt like she wasn’t trusted by her mother and that her mother didn’t try to listen to her either. At the end of the episode, she is seen saying to her mom, “I just wish you would listen to me more.” With the best cast in town, a plot that carries a theme which people can relate to and non-stop laughter, “8 Simple Rules” is easily the best sitcom on the air. How can you miss it? So pick up your remote and start tuning in to “8 Simple Rules”.

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