Full House

November 20, 2007
By Jared Cook, Wilmore, KY

“Whoa Baby” what an entertaining half-hour of family chuckles! Full House keeps its’ audience rolling on the floor with laughter. This irregular show about a dysfunctional family trying to cope with the death of a mother is an absolute, must watch show. It is set in San Francisco, in the family’s home and features great actors and guests such as the Beach Boys as well as many others. Full House is an extremely funny, family sitcom that deals with real life problems, has great characters, and is exquisitely written.

Full House relates to everyone young and old with its’ outstanding plot lines. The problems that the family has are mended with the family’s pulling together. Even when things are torn apart because of the girls’ mother dying, everything is pulled back together slightly by friends and family moving in or just visiting to help out. With all of the deepness of the show, the characters never fail to throw in some humor.

Each character plays a part of making this show what it is. Whether it is Joey making his cartoon voices, Jesse obsessing over his hair or Danny cleaning his cleaning supplies, this show’s characters never cease to astound me with their humor and wit. Danny, who is the father of DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, looses his wife and invites his brother-in-law, Jesse and his best friend, Joey in to help him raise his kids. Jesse eventually marries Becky and they have twin boys, Nicki and Alex. The writing of this show makes it possible for the characters to be so funny.

Full House is written out and acted out with talents found nowhere else. The different trials the unusual family is subject to are written out perfectly so that the actors sound completely real. The dramatic parts of the show are scripted so well that they can make you laugh or cry when the characters do. Each episode, a theme is written in such as: everyone makes mistakes or you need to be nice to everyone even if your friends don’t think it is cool. Writing is almost completely responsible for the success of this program.

Because of the sitcoms elements: plot, characters, and writing, the show is an instant hit for everyone young and old. If you have satellite then you should check out if it is on any of your channels and if it is then you should watch it. Reruns should also be kept playing so that everyone has a chance to watch every single episode. “Have mercy” and watch Full House because I am sure that you will love it.

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