Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Becky Hogan, Wilmore, KY

What would you do if you could put on a wig and become a famous pop star? Well, for Miley Stewart, it’s a daily routine. And just like in her song, she does have the “Best of Both Worlds”. Every night at 7:00 pm on Disney Channel, Hannah Montana is the place to be. The fun never ends as Miley is constantly trying to keep her double life a secret. The only people who know her secret is her friends and family. Hannah Montana is an amazing show because it has an interesting plot, great characters, and hilarious writing.

One of the greatest things about Hannah Montana is its unique plot. This show immediately caught my eye because I have never heard of a show about a girl with such a big secret. The fact that any girl could put on a wig and become a pop star blew my mind. The never ending conflicts bring the show to a new level. In one episode Miley gets caught as Hannah Montana coming home and has to make up the excuse of her brother Jackson being her boyfriend. Another great episode is one where Miley gets a famous boyfriend names Jake Ryan who goes to her school in Malibu. She finally tells him about her double life and everything goes wrong. However, in some episodes, Miley wants to reveal her double life. I can remember when Jake Ryan first came to Miley’s school and was getting too much attention while Miley was pushed to the side. Out of jealousy, Miley tells a reporter she’s Hannah Montana. Of course, she regrets it and has to pretend like she is an insane girl who thinks she is celebrities just to get the reporter off her tail. This plot is so intense and hilarious; I don’t see how anyone can resist this sitcom!

The characters of Hannah Montana are amazing, no questions asked. The on set relationships are great. The sweet hillbilly father, Roby Ray, (Billy Ray Cyrus) and his daughter Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) share heart warming moments mainly because they are father and daughter in real life. Their acting towards each other fully convinces me that they are a true family outside of the T.V. Even the false relationships are genuine. Miley and her brother Jackson (Jason Earles) are amazing on camera. The hilarious Jackson is always picking on his younger sister for being perfect Hannah Montana, while Miley teases Jackson on his humorous mistakes. They are such great actors toward each other; it seems that they are siblings in real life. Even thought Miley and Billy Ray are not the best actors in the world, that is soon forgotten as you listen to Miley Cyrus’s voice, hear her inspirational songs, and watch the show’s comedy unfold. The supporting characters are hilarious too. Miley’s best friends Lily Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso), the bodyguard Roxy (Frances Callier), and even Jackson’s boss Rico (Moises Arias) add to greatness of the show. Lily and Oliver make Miley’s life even better and make the show even funnier. Roxy is very protective and hysterical. Even Rico adds humor by torturing Jackson and making everyone miserable. The show’s side-splitting characters definitely make the show worth watching.

The final thing I admire about Hannah Montana is its comical writing. The jokes and interactions written between the characters is genius! One of the episodes has Miley finding her dad’s song he had written for Hannah and hates it. Jackson asks how it is and Miley says, “This song stinks! Here, take a whiff!” Then, she feels guilty and starts sleepwalking and insults her teacher’s shoes, the teacher (named Karen Kunkle) says that they are comfortable and she walks to work, so Miley replies, “Why, broom in the shop?” Then, Miley tells her teacher that Oliver thought she had man hands, to which Oliver quickly yells out, “SOFT, SUPPLE man hands!” and tries to cover up by adding in, “Would you marry me, Karen?” These lines make me die from laughter. The writers take regular life and put a twist to it to make the sitcom funny. Most shows have cheesy lines instead of truly funny jokes. That is why Hannah Montana stands above the rest with witty and hilarious writing. Just the writing itself is great, the theme and plot is amazing. I don’t know how someone could imagine such a great show. The writers always create funny episodes with a meaning. Some episodes show how the truth saves you a lot of trouble, how jealousy is terrible, and that best friends will be there for you no matter what. The shows would be nothing without the comic genius of the writers.

Due to the catchy plot, magnificent characters, and the imaginative writing, Hannah Montana is definitely a show worth watching. Ever since the first episode I watched I have been hooked. Don’t just take my word for it, watch the show yourself. Run home tonight at 7pm and turn to Disney Channel for a show that will have you coming back for more!

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