November 20, 2007
By zachary bol, Wilmore Kentucky, KY

The doctors can actually be funny who knew? This sit-com show that much. There is one main setting which is the Scared Heart Hospital containing 8 main characters of seven doctors and one janitor. There the main character J.D. who stands 5.9 who seams to have a confused look on his face. Then his friend Elliot and best friend Turk. The last two doctors are Dr.Cox and Dr.Kelso. Dr.Cox a character that would make you want to punch because he is making sarcastic comments all the time and Kelso is just a big snob who is always grouchy. Scrubs is on Comedy Central all week at 7:00 pm. The sit-com Scrubs because of its human doctors, believable tensions, and realistic life learning plots rocks out loud

The great part about this show is its realistic life learning lessons for everybody. Weather it’s don’t break the rules there here for a reasons. It will come back and haunt you anyway, or you yourself must choose to grow up. Some situations are not funny because remember, it is a doctors world and you keep watching to see if some of the people make it. Like for example if a father will survive a blood transfusion to survive, but it is a sitcom and there are funny situations too. Like for example, you will laugh as Elliot and J.D fight to the death as they go for the chief executive of the hospital, but end up sharing the job any way.

What is crown jewel of the show is the acting. These characters do a beautiful job as actors. It is amazing you can really feel the tensions or friendship between the characters. Like for example when Dr.Cox hits J.D. with a sarcastic remarks, or when the friendship of Turk and J.D. by the stupid games they come up with. Some of its predictable like for example when J.D. ask doctor Cox a question you expect a some remark that fills you with laughs.

These characters are rare to find because it feels as it feels like, your inside their head with the expectations of J.D. you can hear his thoughts literally. With these characters you can find part of yourself in the different ones. Like if you are a snob or a sarcastic being or confused. This why I love this show so much. Another great part is watching the characters grow as people.

Where all human and we all make mistakes and that’s what Scrubs is all about. Expect from the doctors view and a lighter side to it. So the network would be Albert Einstein to keep contracts with the show. As well as, let the writers continue to make the show even greater! Scrubs drops the bombshell on its competitors due to valuable life lessons, believable feelings and normal people who live in a doctor’s world.

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