That's So Raven

November 20, 2007
By rachel monbeck, Nicholasvuille, KY

If you could see in the futer do you think your life would be easer? Well obestly you haven’t watched that’s so Raven. That’s so Raven is about a teen age girl her friends and family. The main character Raven Baxter is psychic, and has vision into the future and depending on the vision Raven comes up with a plan to make the vision true or false. And some how things never go according to plans. That’s so raven is above all the competition because the plot is full of twist and turns, the characters are realistic, and it will keep you laughing all the time.

One of the best things about That’s So Raven is the plot. In a normal episode Raven pretends to be someone she’s not to get away with something that she has done. Raven and Eddie and Chelsea think of a plan and most of the time get in a whole lot of trouble. Though the title is That’s so Raven it does not focus on one character in a episode each character is faced with their own conflict

Another special thing about the show is you can actually believe that they are a family. Raven is a classic older sister, always bossing corrie around. Corrie is always trying to come up with plans to annoy Raven. The parents are loving and always to try to break up the fights and always try to be cool.

The most amusing thing about That’s So Raven is Raven. The way she takes simple lines and makes them funny by her facial expression and the tone of her voice. You will laugh long after the show is over.

That’s so Raven is truly unique because of the realistic character, laugh out loud acting and edge of your seat plots. So if your ever at home on the week end flip over to the Disney channel and watch that’s to Raven.

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