The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
Have you been searching for the perfect time filler to end you days? Nick @ Night has come to your rescue. Fresh Prince of Bel-air is on at 11 and 11:30 every night. Will, a low class, teenage boy, moves into his high class uncle’s house. It’s a completely new town for Will, the former Pittsburg baler, and so he has to attempt to adjust to the family’s lifestyle. Fresh Prince of Bel-air is a fantastic sitcom because of its unique, defined characters, extremely identifiable themes, and ordinary but hysterical real-life situations.

The characters of Fresh Prince are like a colorful rainbow lighting the sky after a heavy storm. They are all so very different. Will is the laid back, kind of “go with the flow” type of guy. The three Banks’ children are much like siblings of our own lives. Carlton, the only boy in the family before Will arrives, is very uptight and worries all the time about how everyone else perceives him. He’s the average Joe who, with Wills guide, wants to be the popular hot shot. Hilary, the eldest child, and Ashley, the youngest, are the beautiful girls of the house. The characters open up to each other a lot as time goes on. It’s entertaining to see them openly satirize one another but still help each other out to get through things.

Relating to the themes of Fresh Prince is not a problem. Knowing that family backs you up no matter what is the best sense of comfort anyone could have. Each episode also has an individual theme. In one episode the Banks’ butler, Geoffery, likes a woman next door. They get along perfectly and both like the other very much. After finding she wasn’t of his social ranking, he felt very out of place and embarrassed. The theme to that episode was that people should be judged for their personality and attitude, not their social standing or financial worth.

The plot of Fresh Prince is absolutely hysterical. All the situations are life-like yet humorous at the same time. The problems in the episodes are that of our lives. Sport, beliefs, jobs, school, and more get the family to work together to get through things. They do completely unpredictable things to get through their day-to-day activities. Like the time “Aunt Viv” wanted to help the homeless in their old neighborhood. Will became so attached to helping the people that he didn’t want to stop. The whole family took sides with Will and helped out too. Most of the activities the Banks family does are the types that most of us would enjoy doing with our own families. The best part is that while they are just getting through a regular day they keep me laughing. The jokes along are just about to die for.

Fresh Prince of Bel-air is a great sitcom because of its varied character personalities, true to real-life themes, and amusing situations everyone can relate to. The network would be wise to change the show time to an earlier hour. That way more viewers would be able to watch the production without having to stay up late into the night.

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