I Love Lucy

November 20, 2007
By Michael Culver, Wilmore, KY

Yes, The Lucy Show, not I Love Lucy. Many people might not know about The Lucy Show, even though Lucy is played by the same actress in both shows. The Lucy Show is an ingenious way of showing the life of a woman living in Hollywood, CA, and working at Westland Bank under the direction of her boss, Mr. Mooney. Lucy gets herself into all kinds of what seem like unsolvable problems, but somehow finds a way out of them. Overall, The Lucy Show is worth watching because of its original humor, classic characters, and ever-changing plot.

The first thing you notice about Lucy and Mr. Mooney are their excellent acting abilities that bring out the famous original humor associated with The Lucy Show. They use a normal sounding voice which makes all the problems and arguments between Lucy and Mr. Mooney seem very real and life-like. Even though the acting abilities between these characters are very real, it all has a sense of facetiousness to what is going on. In, “Lucy Gets Trapped”, she is in Macy’s department store and keeps breaking almost everything she touches. Lucy acts like she is upset, but at the same time it all seems very sarcastic and funny.

The characters of The Lucy Show are truly classic. They are what brings the whole show to life. They are what two office workers today would be like: Argumentative, always at each others’ throats, and always in trouble. The very real-life characters give their own kind of feel to the whole show. Lucy gives a funny and slightly ditzy feel to the sitcom, whereas Mr. Mooney gives a control-hungry and bossy kind of feel to the show whenever he is talking.

Plots in The Lucy Show are very interesting to think about. They are very unoriginal, but somehow when combined with the jokes of the cast, and the sheer humor of it all, creates this completely original idea. They take something like Lucy pretending she is sick so she can go shopping the next day and not work, and inflate it with out-of-this-world circumstances to create a new and original idea. You forget about how basic the plot is and focus on this new kind of problem.

Overall, you should watch The Lucy Show because of its classic humor, goofy characters, and “inflated” plots. The Lucy Show is one of the most original and classic sitcoms around that uses all of these ingenious parts of a sitcom to create one of the best sitcoms ever created.

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