George Lopez

November 20, 2007
By Paige Spradlin, Nicholasville, KY

Hey, have you ever seen “George Lopez”? If you haven’t you have to. It’s about an average family going through day to day problems in the Lopez house. It’s on Nick at Night at 10 and 10:30 on week nights. “George Lopez” is an all around entertaining show because the storyline rocks, the characters are realistic, and the acting can’t be beat.

First the the incredible plot it’s just amazing how believable it is. Like the money problems when Carmon has her 15th birthday party. Angie decides to have the party and pay for it with her money and told George he had no say in what she was doing. It’s just an everyday problem just solved in a different way. It makes it more believable.

You can’t forget the amazing characters. The Lopezs are just an average family (problems and all). The arguments and just so real, it’s like there’s a pattern. The arguments are always between Carmon and George, Angie and George, or Benny and George. See the pattern, it’s George.

Last but not least the acting. The best part is Georges' attitude towards everything. Like when he says stuff like “Oh no she didn’t!” It’s also Georges’ ability to change emotion so quickly. Like when George and Angie are arguing about weather or not to have a big party for Carmon on her birthday. George went from yelling at Angie to acting like there is nothing wrong when Carmon walks in the room. But if you think about it, they would be lost without there wonderful writers.

“George Lopez” is the best show ever, the plot’s awesome, it’s and average family, and the acting’s great. You really can’t beat the Lopez family. You got to see this show.

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