I Love Lucy

November 20, 2007
By Annika Stryker, Willmore, KY

Which one of your friends has a very unique personality that you just couldn’t live without? To many viewers, character Lucy Ricardo is that type of friend. Lucy and her Hispanic husband Ricky, a musician, comically “get at it” when the couples competitive streak gets the best of them-ending a husband and wife “feud” in hysterical chaos. You can always find Lucy getting herself into trouble at the Ricardo’s apartment or studio in New York every night from 6:00-6:30 on TVLND. I Love Lucy is absolutely and unforgettable classic due to its treasured character, brilliantly selected writing, and vibrant and lively cast.

If you ever were to sit down and watch and episode of I Love Lucy you would be captivated by the beloved character that will be treasured in your heart. Red head Lucy Ricardo (Lucy Ball) has a certain knack for getting herself into trouble This doesn’t always fly with her impatient and tempered husband Ricky (Desi Arnez). Weather or not you can relate to either character(s), it’s guaranteed that by the end of the show you will be roaring with laughter. You never know what will happen when conniving Lucy tries one of her newest stunts. Every show the characters leave you with unanswered questions: “Will Lucy’s loud mouth friend Ethel, (Vivian Vance) blab to her husband Fred, (William Frawley) one of Ricky’s good friends, about Lucy’s plans? And when Ricky finds out, will he blow up in anger or try to beat Lucy at her own game?” Nevertheless, as the show continues, the characters seam to mature a little. Responsibilities like having a child come along for the Ricardos’, but Lucy never disappoints her audience. The uncanny stunts continue, and its gets even more interesting when Ricky gets involved. Ethel grows more independent, not always taking orders from her bossy friend, and Fred faithfully remains his sarcastic self. The characters growth just brings I Love Lucy to the next level, a completely unforgettable and treasured level.

The writers of I Love Lucy do a spectacular job writing and placing lines in the script. Almost every show, Lucy teams up with her neighbor Ethel to prove Ricky and Ethel’s husband Fred wrong, generally concerning gender specific issues. It’s almost like the writers sat down and analyzed each character and personally gave them each unique lines. For instants, in one episode when Lucy sought fame that Ricky had, she was upset simple because Ricky would not allow her in his show. Lucy said she wanted to do it for her children when she dramatically stated “You just think ahead a little bit, when little Ricky goes to school and some of his playmates ask who is parents are, just what is he going to have to say? ‘ My father is Ricky Ricardo the nationally known entertainer, and then there is my mother, whose name has escaped me for the moment.’” The writers specifically hit Lucy dead on.

Lucy ball is not only able to bring her character to life, but vibrantly energizes all the cast’s acting. Her exaggerated facial expressions keep you wanting more. Lucy takes up the whole stage to express her feelings; her body language unanimously makes the show. If this show was silent, you would still be able to feel Lucy’s emotion. Desi Arnez conquers his character brilliantly, putting himself in Ricky’s shoes. Desi deals with Ricky’s overly dramatic wife like any normal man would, occasionally losing his cool. The way Lucy and Desi create chemistry on the show is exquisite. Lucy and Desi do not act well together, they react together. They react towards each other as though it was a real life situation, making this situational comedy brought to life.

I Love Lucy will stay deep within Americans hearts thanks to the unforgettable characters, dead on script and indescribable acting. Any new sitcom producer/writer would be wise to examine such a successful classic show like I Love Lucy and reproduce some of its outstanding qualities. In fact, two different particular episodes of I Love Lucy had very similar story lines in episode of Disney Channel’s That so Raven and Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh”. Other sitcom producers/writers should follow suit. I would strongly recommend I Love Lucy to viewers of all ages. Catch Lucy performing her unique stunts, every night at 6:00-6:30 on TVLND. Classy, clean, humorous, genuine, light hearted- why not love Lucy?

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