Full House

November 20, 2007
By Alexa Rogers, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever watched a show that you can actually relate to? No? Well, do I have a show for you. Full House is not about your typical family; this family has no mother. Instead, it has three children, one dad, one uncle, and the dad’s friend all in one house. This amazing sitcom, that takes place in San Francisco, California, is on ABC Family at 3:00pm. The TV sitcom Full House stands out of the pack because of its unique plot, practical acting, and the unpredictable characters.
Now, it is very uncommon to have a show that you can truly relate to. The plot of this show is like a lot of shows about family troubles. However, Full House relates to everyday troubles that some shows pay no attention to. For example, in one episode, Michelle gets jealous of another baby, so she starts acting like a baby again. This is a problem that happens a lot in many, many families. Full House also shows real-life examples of solutions to any kind of problem. This is a show that is tremendous for children and adults.
Acting in this sitcom is brilliant. It has a script that after one line you have to turn your head. These actors show how the writers’ hard work and love for the show should pay off. Whenever they are supposed to be serious, they are serious and keep a straight face just like they should. The actor John Stamos, for example, can be serious, yet funny at the same time. This is a real-life example of something an uncle would do when telling a three year old not to wear too much make-up.
Unpredictable characters. Those are two words that you almost NEVER hear in a sentence together. As soon as you think you know what the characters are going to do in a situation, they completely surprise you and do something totally different. When the characters have to fight, they are 100% believable. For instance, when Stephanie borrows DJ’s jacket and accidentally rips it, DJ has just the right facial expressions for a mad big sister. They seem to actually be feeling the chemistry that two sisters would feel at a time like this. This makes first-class actors.
So therefore, watching Full House would be a great idea because of the breathtaking storyline, impressive acting, and significant characters. This show is a great way to find yourself aching from laughing so much your sides hurt. Catch it on ABC Family at 3:00pm weekdays.

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