Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Kelley Clark, Wilmore, KY

Two adults, one kid, and no grown-ups. That pretty much describes the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men . Two brothers try to raise a 12-year-old boy while still trying to live their own lives. The catch is the boy’s dad (Alan Harper) has just went through a divorce, and the other brother (Charlie Harper) still needs to grow up. This show airs on the channel FOX56 at 7:30pm- 8:00pm, on Wednesdays. This show is filmed in Los Angeles, California. The TV sitcom Two and a Half Men stands out from the pack because the plot grabs your attention, the acting is very believable, and the writing is unique.

The plot grabs your attention by its unexpected jokes. For instance during episode 18, Jake and his father, Alan, were arguing about Jake going to grandmother’s (Alan’s mother) house for the weekend. Then Charlie butts in and says “Let the boy call his mother and talk to her about it.” And of course Alan said no. Then Jake pops back into the conversation and says “hey I know my rights, I get one free phone call.” The plot also grabbed my attention because of the unexpected and awkward problems. Like in one episode Charlie found out he had a female stalker. Yeah that doesn’t happen to many people so it was kind of weird.

The actor that plays Jake Harper does a very good job of being believable. In episode 18 he was mocking his Grandmother for eating something called “scwab” and so he goes, “wow that sounds creepy scwab, scwab, scawb, scwab….SCWAB.” Then he said it in a million different voices. The actors that play Charlie and Alan Harper plays off each other very well because it’s like their on camera personalities mesh perfectly. When they argue they actually sound like they mean everything they say. The way they sound together just seems so real.
The writing is very unique because the writers talk about the things real brothers would talk about, or that a single dad would really say to his pre-teen son. Once during a fight between Alan and Charlie it was just like joke after joke. It had me rolling. It is even better because the jokes make sense to what the plot is talking about and are appropriate to the theme of the show.

The TV sitcom Two and a Half Men is worth your time to watch because the storyline is entertaining, the acting is fun to watch, and the writing is original. It would be wise for the station to keep the show on-air, but it would be better if they showed it on Tuesdays because most people are busy on Wednesdays (considering it’s the middle of the week). If they showed it on Tuesdays then more people would have a chance to watch it.

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