My Wife and Kids

November 20, 2007
By Sarah Currey, Wilmore, KY

Have you ever just wanted to out wit everyone. Well in the sitcom My Wife and Kids that’s what the dad is all about. Michael Kyles always caring about his family, and trying to be the best. Don’t take my word for it check it out on week mornings at 6:30am. On fox 56. My Wife and Kids is the best sitcom because of the hilarious characters sneaky plots and unbelievable acting.
The acting in this sitcom is unbelievable. The looks of the characters just make them funnier. Jr’s big head just makes more opportunities for Mike to show off and make a joke. In one episode Jr. has just done something really stupid and feels bad about it, and his dad starts to make him feel better about it, almost like he is starting to sympathize with him, then will crack a joke about it, “Maybe you did that because of your big head!” Who can forget the remarkable Mike Kyles some believe that he holds the show together. With his unpredictable personality and his witty mind, provides laugh out loud opportunities throughout the show.
Another reason why this show is the best is the plots because of the way the family tries to solve problems. In one episode Mike was eating dinner at a very expensive restaurant, and nothing was going right. The food is to expensive, and the kids are acting up. Jr. is off flirting with another girl, Clair is complaining, and Katie has fallen in a fish pond and is all wet. When there were no more sets, they had to be seated with a family that Mike didn’t like. Mike started trying to make fun of them and being mean to them to try to get them to go home. Sometimes the setting just adds more comedy to the show, however most of the time the setting remains the same week after week, at the Kyles home. However sometimes the setting changes and part of a episode will take place at Michael’s work or at a restaurant.
My finale reason why this is the best sitcom is because of the unbelievable acting. The actors in the show bring their personality to the show. The actors grow over time. In earlier episodes some characters look really young. But as the show goes on, season after season Katie goes from being a small child to a smart little pre-teen. The script is also very well written, full of funny lines and great comebacks. When ever there is a opportunity to make someone look bad mike almost will always take it. In one episode Jr. is threatening to leave home and the dad (Michael) doesn’t want it to seam like he cares so he starts rambling on in other languages telling him goodbye.
My Wife and Kids is the best sitcom out there with characters that will make you laugh out loud uncommon twist and turns, and unbelievable acting make it stand out from the pack, so rush home get to bed early and wake up early to watch My Wife and Kids!

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