The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
Can you imagine a guy coming from the hood {west Philadelphia} moving to the rich, preppy Bel-Air? Well prepare to imagine. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is basically a poor kid from the hood moving in with his rich uncle, aunt and his spoiled cousins. The Fresh Prince comes on week nights at 11:00 on Nick@Nite. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the best show you will find on air because the plot is enthralling, the acting is super and the characters are captivating.

The plot is just one of the things that make the Fresh Prince the best show on air. One major thing in the plot is that Will is always messing things up. In one episode Will burnt the entire kitchen down. Geoffrey had to fix supper in a burnt kitchen for a very important guest. The meal ended up tasting great and the guest loved it. The kitchen happens to be one of the normal settings in the show. The theme is presented sometimes in the kitchen. The theme of the show is just random, important things.

Acting is one of the best things that Fresh Prince has to offer. The show has the best actors T.V. has to watch. The best actor in the show by far is Will Smith. All of the actors use great body and facial expressions. The acting is so good that you can’t even tell it is fake. While the characters on the show are arguing, you think you are right there with them. It makes you want to just jump right in and state you opinion. The writing is not random unless it is suppose to be to be funny. In one episode Carlton tells Will’s rival basketball player “You may be tall and good looking but you’re not that nice”.

The characters in Fresh Prince change a lot over time. The character, Will goes from at the beginning of the series dating many girls at one time to at the end dating just one. He actually almost ends up marring one girl. Carlton, Hillary and Ashley grow in size and maturity as the show progresses. Uncle Phil is very strict with his kids. He ended up changing Will for life.

With realistic acting, motivating characters and an interesting plot, Fresh Prince is the most entertaining show on T.V. The Fresh Prince is the best show I have ever seen. If you like fun you should watch Fresh Prince every chance you get.

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