Home Improvement

November 20, 2007
By Bryan Phelps, Wilmore, KY

You think it would be easy to be on a famous television show, right? Well, that’s what Tim Taylor thought until he got on the show. Tim Taylor, (Tm Allen) lives life with his three kids known as Brad, Mark, and Randy, also with his wife Jill, as he is on a famous television show called Tool Time. You can watch Home Improvement on (Nick at Night, Every night, 9-10, and 11-12 P.M.) Home Improvement is an exciting sitcom for family and kids, it has, a great plot, amazing acting, and the writing is out of this world.

The plot usually centers on Tim “the tool man” Taylor and all of his “many mess-ups.” He usually comes across thinking he knows he has all the answers to problems, and he never does. In most of the episodes we can laugh whether he is fixing or destroying something or thinking he knows what makes his wife happy. The rest of the cast usually ends up showing Tim how to do something correct. As always the neighbor, “Wilson” comes to tell Tim the answers.

The acting is great with the actor’s expressions and body language. The expressions on their faces and how they say their lines are like they are serious and they mean it. It is funny when Tim is in a situation and he has his facial expressions and confusion look on his face. When him and his wife is arguing he has the “what?” look on his face.

The writing is amazing, when they are at the job site. Tim makes Al look and sound bad. When Tim and Al are in an argument they have amazing and great comebacks to each other. Home Improvement is one of the best sitcoms ever. It has great situations in life, for example a granite man was hitting on his wife behind his back and Jill went to drive the Granite man home and he kissed Jill. Jill got home and told Tim that she fired him; he started laughing then out of nowhere he blew up and said, “You fired the Granite man!” I strongly recommend you watch this great television show you will love it.

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