Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Jonny Devore, Nicholisville, KY

This show is awesome because it has hilarious humor. Two and a Half Men have two guys and a kid living in the same house driving each other insane. This show comes on at 6:30 p.m on fox 56. Two and a Half Men is the best sitcom because of its humorous characters, it’s well written scripts and its hilarious plots and problems.

The characters do develop well together because they create a loving and friendly environment. The characters do not like each other well but do try to make it by with each other day in and day out. The characters are funny because there facial expression and there come backs.

The writing of the show is tremendous because it is well written. It is good because when the father’s friend and son gets in an argument and the dad’s friend say I am sorry for chasing you and the boy says I am sorry for making you land in poop. The writer makes sure the show is appropriate for children under age.

The plot is what makes this show so funny. The problem lies between two men and a child who tries to make it through the day without going insane. This show is hilarious because of the child is trying to drive the dad and the dads friend crazy and because he always gets in trouble.

The overall conclusion has different problems but the characters writing and plot always stays funny and excellent. I will strongly reccromend you to watch this loving but funny show. But the reason you should watch this is because of its appropriate but funny humor.

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