Full House

November 20, 2007
By Sara Brooks, Nicholasville, KY

Do you ever fill a little worn out? Like you never have peace and quite? Well that’s how the Tanner’s fill almost everyday. The Tanner’s house is jam packed with people coming in and out of their house in San Francisco. This sitcom’s name is “Full House”. “Full House” should forever stay on air because the characters make you want to get to know them, the plot is entertaining and will keep your interest, and they are always saying something funny.
You might have heard some roomers about the characters. “There are too many characters, how are we supposed to keep up with them”. Yes, there is a lot but it is defiantly not hard to keep up with them. They are all very different and have their own personalities. Starring the show is Jesse (John Samos). He is the rebellious one on the show. He is a guy that you can have fun with. He always wants to party and have a good time. And a lot of the times, he doesn’t like to take responsibility for his actions. In the next season, he meets and later marries Becky (Lori Loughlin). She is the kind of person the girls like to talk to because she always has answers and since she is a girl, she can re-late to them better. Jesse and Becky have twin boys, Nick and Alex. Joey (Dave Coulier) is the guy on the show who makes your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. He is a wonderful actor that brings his character to life. Joey can make himself sound like anyone he wants to which is why is such a dedicated actor. Next on the list is Danny Tanner (Bob Saget). On the show, Danny is a neat freak who always wants everything to be perfect. Danny is a recently widowed guy who is nervous about dating. He has 3 kids, DJ (Candace Cameron) who is the oldest, Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and Michelle played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Michelle is a priceless character. With her sweet and innocent smile, she can get out of anything.
Every episode is filled with drama and excitement. In one specific episode, Danny has to host a “Telethon” but falls asleep on the job. The show goes hay wire and Michelle is forced to sing preschool songs. The show is mainly filmed in the Tanner house. But in some cases, the episode takes place at school or at a work place. But since the house is so big, the family has a lot of opportunities to do different activities. In one episode, Jesse and Joey turn the basement into a recording studio. They are very creative in how they use the basement.

Let’s not forget about the people who make this show funny. Humorous interactions occur with everyone in the house, all the time. From Michelle’s “Oh nuts” too Stephanie’s “How rude”. And when Jesse is in a romantic mood he will say something like “have mercy”. The writing is what makes this show loveable. The general message is to trust your family and everything will work out. Then they usually hug and everything is all better which isn’t necessarily true in real life but that’s why we call it T.V.

So take away the well thought out plot, the talented actors, and the funny scripts and you have yourself an average sitcom. Full House is a rare sitcom that is family friendly. I strongly recommend you to go home, kick back, and watch “Full House!”

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