Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Jacqueline Hedgecock, Nisholasvilee, KY

“So it’s that easy for you to just date some other woman, even after mom?” This is a story about a teenage girl named Miley Cyrus just living her teenage life as a pop star, and nobody even knows. Miley’s mom had died a few years back and she catches her dad with another woman now. To view this show watch Disney Channel everyday at 7/6 central. Hannah Montana is a great show to watch because the conflicts are real-life, the characters are entertaining, and the action is outstanding.

Those who watch this show, already know the relationship between her and her dad. But this episode seems to break their relationship in a way. As Hannah’s mother died a while back, it broke Miley’s heart to see him with another woman. Even though her dad has no idea that she knows about them dating, herself and her brother know about the whole situation. She doesn’t want to give in and tell her dad that she knows about them, so she keeps it from him. Even though that they are in her closet at her work listening to them talk about dating.

Miley has become huge in her acting and singing career, since Hannah Montana has been on air. Behind the hallways at school and on stage they call her “Hannah Montana”, but walking down the halls at school she is known as Miley. She disguises herself very well, even her best friend has no idea about it. Her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) plays the rolls of her father in the show, and has a strong relationship with his daughter. Along with her annoying brother (Jackson) also knows about his father and this woman he is dating. Lastly, her best friend (Lily) knows about almost everything about Miley, except her being a pop star.

The action of this show changes periodically, Miley Cyrus is succeeding in hiding her identity of a pop star. In this episode, Lily has no idea about any of it. In most episodes the emotions of the characters do change, according to the situation. Most all episodes are entertaining, especially this one.

Therefore, Hannah Montana is a great show to watch, this is because of the plot, characters, and the action in the show. I do recommend you watching this whenever you get a chance, it is a great show. Hannah Montana does have the “Best of both worlds!”

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