8 Simple Rules

November 20, 2007
By Lena Chilton, Nicholasville, KY

There’s only one rule for “8 Simple Rules” and that is to watch it. This show is about a husband, wife, and their three kids. “8 Simple rules” airs on ABC Family weekdays on channel 37 cable or 180 or 311 on satilite. “8 simple Rules” is the best sitcom to watch because the show has an incredible plot, humorous characters, and its realistic script.
This show has an incredible plot. They have everyday, average family conflicts they go through. There’s always a new problem to pop up. It’s a humorous sitcom that keeps you glued to the TV. So that you will want to watch every episode. In one episode they go on a vacation and Bridgette along with Carrie get in to trouble at a collage party, and of course Paul the dad takes everything way too seriously.
The show has humorous characters that make you fall out of your seat laughing. The characters play off one another so well. “8 Simple Rules” is so realistic; you would think there an actual family. The characters are relatable to you and me, and they just keep on giving. In another episode Bridgette is trying to get her license but Paul her dad was to afraid to let her drive on her own, and even more scared about letting his little girl grow up. Now you know every dad with a little girl can relate to that.
“8 Simple rules” has a realistic script. The family is so believable; you actually think they are a “real” family. This show has a basic theme, about a family that has everyday problems. The shows’ setting is in the state of Michigan, and that’s where their home is.
This show is a great show because it has the whole package. An incredible plot, humorous characters, and a realistic script. I strongly recommend you watch this show because it will keep you coming back for more. Its like chocolate, after one taste you get addicted.

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