November 20, 2007
By stephanie alley, Nicholasville, KY

Anyone who lives with a roommate knows how the characters in Friends feel. This show is about six best friends, Rachel (Jennifer Anniston), Monica (Courtney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matthew Perry), Chandler (Matt Leblanc), and Ross (David Schwimmer). It usually is shown in one of the two apartments, or at the coffee shop, Central Perk. The show Friends is great because each episode has an entertaining plot, the actors and actresses are just great to watch, and the dialogue keeps the audience laughing.
Any show you watch should be entertaining, of course. But, what makes the show entertaining is the plot. One reason why Friends is so amusing is because most scenes have cheesy jokes and everyone can relate to them. One scene is entertaining is when Phoebe loses her job singing and she tries to sing out on the streets for money. Most of the songs she sang were random and childish. Another scene is when Joey gets fired from his job. They fired him by killing off his character. But on the show, he really thinks the character has died. It is just very interesting to watch. But, a great plot also contains some serious scenes. Just like when Rachel and Ross break-up or when chandler proposes to Monica. Now that’s what makes a great plot!
The show is also great just by watching the actors act. The different personalities, combined, make the show worth the while. It can be like this in two ways: when dumb characters act with the more sophisticated characters. Or, just by having multiple personalities. In this case, each character has a different personality. Rachel is loving and sweet, Monica is protective, Phoebe is clueless, Ross is ditzy, Chandler acts before he thinks, and Joey is clumsy and forgetful. So, all shows need multi-personality characters like Friends have.
The last thing that makes a great show is a dialogue that keeps the audience laughing. The dialogue in most episodes of Friends matches the personalities of the characters. The characters never change over time. It keeps the show memorable. The dumb characters always stay dumb and the smart characters always stay smart. The situations some of the characters end up in have entertaining outcomes. For example, when Ross eats a pie he is allergic to, he is rushed to the hospital. It is a good episode. In the same episode, Phoebe sings a song about a “smelly cat.” It is very random, which makes it funny.
Well, to wrap it all up, Friends is just one of the best shows to watch. Friends are great because each episode has an entertaining plot, the actors are great to watch, and the dialogue keeps the audience laughing.

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