November 20, 2007
By Berry Houp, Wilmore, KY

Look one minute there bullets wising by your head. The next thing you know you hear voices saying “lights, morphine and gloves. You are at M*A*S*H 4407 and you been shot but good news 98% of 100% people live. The M*A*S*H you are at is right off the battle field in the Vietnam War. The acting, actors /doctors try to save lives from the war. The show is on T.V land around 9:30-10:00 and full of laugher and real life problems that come with war. M*A*S*H is the best sitcom because it shows the plot to be in Vietnam showing cool battles near the M*A*S*H and trying to saves lives. The setting takes place in Vietnam ,in the south.

The acting is how the actor reacts to obstacles that happen in war. Like trauma patients or life sever problems. The actors are fun to watch because Capt. Pierce and Capt. B.J like to make fun of Major Franklin Burn. How he act so proper and stuck-up, also he is in love with hot lips know as Major Houlihan.

The plot is how it keep the reader interest is by showing what happen in the Vietnam War and what your grandfathers had to go through in war. The problems they go through in Operating Rooms. Also the lives they live day to day at war. The problems to saves lives and it don’t mater how sever it is at all. They don’t know why there in the war and fighting.

The setting shows were the show takes place, southeast in South Vietnam. Moble army hospital that stands for M*A*S*H. It jest one to two miles from all the pain battle in the jungles that the next step you take mite be yours last. The M*A*S*H has to be ready at any time if some one has been shot to save there lives.

M*A*S*H people can relate to how war was. It can be funny and have real life problems that happen in war. So this show can tell you why you don’t want to go to war. You must watch M*A*S*H because it’s the best show on TV and shows real life things that veterans had to go do for home and families and can give us a history lesson. The world can learn from are problems in this painful war.

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