The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
By Katie Morris, Nicholasville, KY

Ever seen someone get thrown out of a house? No? Well then you better watch the Fresh Prince. This show is generally about a boy named Will whose mother moved him to Bel-Air to live with his Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil, because back home in Philly he was getting in a lot of trouble. Now, Will has to live a totally different lifestyle and not mess it up. The Fresh Prince is on Nick @ Nite every night at 10:00-10:30 and 10:30-11:00. This show is so worth thirty minutes of your time because the storyline is believable and the actors/actresses have great chemistry and the writing is hilarious and natural at the same time.

The Fresh Prince keeps me interested because Will is such a player and he tries to get all the girls and then one day he falls in love with Lisa, and he has to try and forget about all the other girls, and leave them all alone. And the Carlton dance helps too!! The problems are so hilarious and so real at the same time. All the problems they have we have too almost everyday.

All the actors/actresses work so well together. They just work so well off each other that they don’t even seem like a TV family when you think about them you think about all of them. You think they are a real family. They have grown so close the last past few years they have been working together. That makes them better and better over time.

The writing is hilarious and so serious at the same time. It has some parts that will make you laugh so hard you cry, and other parts are so serious and sometimes sweet it doesn’t even seem like a sitcom. Its so great there is not another sitcom out there like it. I think everyone should watch it at least give it a chance.
I really hope you deicide to watch the Fresh Prince it’s a really good show you will all love it. It’s a great show to watch with your family, for some quality time together. I really recommend this show to all of you. It Is really a good show It will make you laugh and at least its not a boring show. I promise the first time you watch the Fresh Prince you will be hooked just like I was.

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