Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
Haven’t you ever hope to live in a double life? Well... That is what Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) does. She lives double life as a pop star and as an ordinary high school girl in the sit-come “Hannah Montana”. When she wears the blond wig that tells she is Hannah Montana, if her hair is normal black that tells she is ordinary girl. But don’t think that “Hannah Montana” is a mysterious FBI or anonymous secret sit-come. Miley does
Keep secret of her double life, but Hannah Montana mostly talks about their family story or the school day, (Everyday at 7 P.M., Disney Channel). “Hannah Montana” is a great comedy show for everyone because, the characters are popular in real life so that keep people to watch, the story is enjoyable, and the actress/actor has great acting skills.
People like to see the famous actress or actor’s show program and ‘Hannah Montana’ is the example of that idea. Hannah Montana’s main character and supporting characters are popular actors in real life. The main character Miley Cyrus is very popular teen singer so you can easily find her Album; her pictures on the magazines, etc…The supporting characters (Miley’s Best Friend, Dad, Mom, and brother…) are also popular. So they keep the viewer’s eyes.

Hannah Montana does not just put up the popular characters, they provides lots of enjoyable stories. Variety story, for example, Hannah Montana provides a love story, family story, friendship, and the school life etc… these variety stories never gives dull times. Girls will love to see the love line between Miley and Jake, boys will get excitement from Brother Jackson’s jokes, adults will enjoy dad Billy’s singing, and even your pets will love to listen Hannah Montana’s songs.

The greatest thing in “Hannah Montana” is the actress and actor’s acting skills. As almost all characters are teenagers, some people could think that their acting will be immature or unnatural but! The viewers can tell that the actor’s acting is so well and natural! Each character creates their individual characteristics, so their act does not look like a production. Miley, for example, she lives double life in the show as a pop star, and an ordinary girl. It is hard to act both sides but Miley perfectly support that character.

Popular actors and actresses provide big interests to viewers. The argument between Miley and Jackson provides super fun, and the young actor’s realistic acting skills make viewers to be surprise. Hannah Montana is the lovely comedy sit-come that produce pure smile on viewer’s face. It is not just about the teenager; Hannah Montana gives some great comment for everyone’s life. Hannah Montana is the sweet sit-com.

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