Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
Have you ever laughed so hard from watching a T. V. show you couldn’t breath? Well, Two and a Half Men would. There’s Allen the dad, he’s more of a wimp. Then there is Charlie, Allen’s brother which is the ladies man. Last but not least there is Jake, Allen’s kid. It comes on at seven thirty PM weekdays on FOX network. It usually takes place in Charlie’s house. The T.V. show Two and a Half Men stands out from the pack because the characters are believable, the storyline is funny, and the writing is hysterical.

In this show the characters are believable. They have a great chemistry with one another. They act like real brothers all the time in this show. Also, Allen treats Jake like a real dad would treat his son. For example, Charlie makes fun of Allen in every show and it’s just like brothers fighting.

The story line is funny in this show. A humorous conflict always appears in it. Like when Jake makes fun of his dad for falling from a ladder and getting hurt. Also when Charlie and Allen decide to go on vacation, Jake gets sick and they can’t go. They make the whole ordeal funny.

The writing is hysterical in this show. Everything in this show is hysterical. Right down to Allen falling from a ladder. All of the characters act like most families would. Only they put a funny twist to things that we would do. Also when Allen gets hurt and can’t go to the bathroom by himself. So his brother has to help him go to the bathroom.

So Two and a Half Men is worth watching because of its realistic characters, humorous storyline and its bust out laughing writing. I strongly urge you to watch this show because it will have you laughing for days on end. It also will make you think hard before you do something they do. Also you could learn something from it. So I strongly recommend Two and a Half Men.

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