Halo 3

October 17, 2007
By Bo Nilson, Park City, UT

The new halo3 is what billons of people of been waiting for since halo 2 came out. This new thrilling game has its up and downs. The three main things are that halo 3 is the last halo the seconded is that it is only available for the Xbox360 and the third is that the begging of halo3 doesn’t make since to the ending cliffhanger in halo2. But hear is really why I give it a four out of five the last mission is basically the exact same thing as in the first halo which not many people liked because it was long and if you massed up you would ether fall of a cliff or get your warthog flipped by the flood and killed. Another thing is playing online is too hard to find games and it takes to long to get people to play with you. The other thing is it always picks the same map over and over. I think that the game designers could of done a lot better at making it easier to use on Xbox live the other is that they took all the good maps out from the first and seconded halo. They only kept one map from halo 2 and I dislike it. But the good things are the new graphics there’re great because you can see your shadow foot steeps. It also shows what the master chief has been though on his armor from the battles he has faced. The soldiers are very voice active and will help out occasionally but there not that helpful unless you are about to die in fall back in take cover. The new vehicles in this game are fun to drive and very effective for the master chief and not help full for the covenant. (Unless you’re on foot) This is why I give these game four out of five stars.

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