Flush by Carl Hiaasen

September 23, 2007
By Collin Monsour, San Francisco, CA

Sometimes the best thing you can say about your father spending Father’s day in jail is that he doesn’t have to wear an ugly orange jump suit. That is what young Noah Underwood and his sister Abbey have to deal with after his father sunk a casino boat called the Coral Queen. Flush takes place in the Florida keys where Noah’s father suspects that Dusty Muleman is dumping his waste from the Coral Queen into the ocean. Noah’s father is obsessed with the environment and sometimes this obsession can cause him to do some pretty crazy things. While in jail Noah’s father asks Noah to go talk to a man named Lice Peeking and ask him for help. His father thinks that since Lice worked on the Coral Queen he could be a great witness in the trial. There is only one problem; his dad wants to give Lice the boat that Noah hoped he would get eventually. At school things aren’t very good for Noah either because Dusty’s son Jasper Jr. and his best friend Bull keep beating up Noah. But then one day a strange man comes to Lice’s house and all of a sudden he goes missing. To top it all off Noah’s mom is starting to bring up the “D” word. DIVORCE! Than things start to get a little better for Noah and Abbey because their Dad was put on house arrest which sounds bad but it meant they get to be together. Noah thought his family was back together again until Abbey goes missing. Was she frustrated with home and decided to run away or was she kidnapped by one of Dusty’s men?

Carl Hiaasen made me care and feel for Noah and Abbey by really allowing me to experience their emotions. While reading this book I felt happy, sad, and frustrated at some of the evil characters. He allowed me to picture everything that was going on and really connect to the book. I was also able to create the image of what I thought the characters looked like and that helped me relate to them. The story is narrated by Noah and I love how he tells the story because I felt he was the most involved with all the conflicts that were going on and he had a lot of the information that was needed. I wouldn’t pick any other character to do it.

If you like this book there is another book called Hoot by Carl Hiaasen that I really enjoyed. This book was a great read and I recommend this book to every one of all ages.

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