The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon

September 23, 2007
By Tito Dixson, San Francisco, CA

Fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone is found at the scene of a murder in Swindon, England. Christopher Boone is autistic, hates to be touched, and likes dark and small spaces. He will not eat what is yellow or brown and also is great at math. The victim of the murder was Wellington, his neighbor’s dog. Christopher decides to investigate the murder and writes a book about it, even after his dad, Ed, told him not to. Ed is a relaxed helpful dad. Ed finds the book in the living room and then hides it. Christopher wants to continue his book so when his dad is gone he searches the house. He searches his dad’s room, which he was told specifically not to enter and found it in a box in a cupboard. Along with the book he finds a secret about his dead mother that will change his whole investigation.

This book was great because it was understandable and I enjoyed it. The characteristics of the characters were interesting and unique. Every character is connected in the story and they all know each other. Asking “what if’s” while reading this book was very common because all off the cliffhangers. The book was narrarated well by Christopher and the pace was just right. Christopher matures through the story he becomes more courageous and takes many chances. The book is similar to Carl Hiaasen’s Hoot because a teenager tries to solve a mystery.
It was interesting how the author, Mark Haddon narrarated the book with an autistic child. He does a good job at making Christopher believable and not too weird. Since the book is narrarated by the main character you only know as much as him and that is why there are a lot of cliffhangers. I recommend this book to people who like twists and turns in their books because you’ll be surprised when you find out who killed Wellington.

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